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Offering quality baptismals at an affordable price

Superior quality baptismal tank at an affordable price

Quality Craftsmanship
10 year Guarantee

Molded One-Piece Construction

Non-Skid Steps, Floor And Seat
Easily Installed And Relocated

Exterior Dimensions: 97 3/4" L- 30 3/4" W- 33 3/4" H

Wall Thickness: 3/16" to 1/4"  * Water Capacity- 140 Gallons*

Shipping one to Alaska and one to Oregon

Design into your new church or remodeling project, it installs easily inside an existing baptistry, or it makes an excellent portable baptistry fill from your existing hot water heater eliminating the need for an additional heating unit

Minister Stands Behind The Baptistry

- No more messy wet clothes or waders

- Rejoin your congregation immediately

- Baptize anytime during the service

- Candidate Is Seated

- Provides maximum safety and comfort

- Minister lifts very little weight regardless of the candidate's size

- Candidate Is Easily Seen From The Congregation

- Smaller Tank Size

- Fills and heats quickly

- Inexpensive to heat and maintain


We manufacture the fiberglass portion of the baptistry and provide installation plans free of charge. These plans show how to install the baptismal tank permanently in a new construction or inside an existing baptismal or how to make it into a portable unit

Example of how churches have used our baptistries

Single entry baptistry installed inside an existing baptistry that had been leaking